The PUBG Game Data Service makes it easier for users to have open access to in-game data, which developers can use to build awesome tools and services.


This service is designed to implement the required features of the JSON-API specification. Data returned from each of the API’s endpoint will be in JSON-API format. You can find additional information about the specification here.


We created the API’s endpoint documentation using the OpenAPI specification. This means that users can interact with the endpoint documentation to see how it works in action, generate commands, and get a feel for what the returned data will look like with no technical experience or coding knowledge required! On an endpoint documentation page, click the green “Authorize” button with the lock symbol and enter your API key. With that done, just click “Try it out” on any endpoint and use the “Execute” button to send a request.

Finding Assets, Data Dictionaries, and Enums

Data dictionaries and enums can be found on GitHub.

Getting Help

We recommend taking a look at the FAQ for the answers to some common questions. You can also join the official PUBG Developer API Discord server to meet, chat, troubleshoot, and collaborate with other community developers and designers.